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3 Sober Activities Perfect for Summer

Summer is finally here, which means there are ample opportunities for fun and relaxation. Unfortunately for people in recovery, many of these activities involve alcohol and other substances. That can make it hard to maintain your sobriety, no matter where you are on your journey.

In this case, you should consider looking for sober activities to ensure a fun and fulfilling summer. Here are a few ideas to try now that warm weather is here.

Find a Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community. There are numerous volunteer opportunities, from spending time with old folks to helping out at animal shelters. People in recovery are in a unique position to help others, as they can use their experiences and background to provide advice.

In this case, consider spending time as a mentor for people new to recovery. Your personal insights can help a person make sense of a challenging situation, especially if they’re not sure how to proceed. And by lending your support to a person in need, you can feel good about yourself and your place in the world.

Spend Time in Nature

Hiking and nature walks are the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Many people feel at peace when surrounded by nature, even if they’re only spending time in a public park. There’s also the fitness element, as hiking and brisk walking is a great way to get in some daily exercise.

You can also take other sober friends along on your excursion. Spending time with likeminded people is key to maintaining sobriety. During your trek you can share stories, discuss coping mechanisms, and support each other as you spend time in nature.

Learn a New Skill

Fun activities can also be informative, which is why taking a class is such a great option. To keep in the summer theme, look for a class that allows you to spend time outdoors. Gardening is good for your mental and physical health, so check out your local community garden to meet people and learn new techniques.

You can also take a painting or crafting class if you’re more the creative type. Most towns and cities have a wide range of free classes if budget is an issue, which can teach you everything from public speaking to writing the great American novel.

Proper support can help you maintain your sober lifestyle, now and well into the future. In Albuquerque, Duke City Recovery Toolbox proudly supports people as they strive towards sobriety. We offer a wide range of recovery services to lend a hand during every phase of your journey. Our facility also provides therapeutic services to support your mental health and well-being.

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