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Pharmacology Therapy

At Duke City Recovery Toolbox in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we understand that drug addiction is a disease. Overcoming a disease takes more than willpower. In many cases, it takes medication. That’s what pharmacology therapy provides—legal, prescribed medication that allows you to focus on creating a meaningful life free of illicit drugs.

What is Pharmacology Therapy?

Pharmacology therapy involves the use of a legal, prescribed medication that mimics many of the desired effects of illicit substances without the same risks and side effects.

For cases of opioid dependency and/or opioid abuse, methadone is the most commonly prescribed medication. Methadone has a long-lasting half-life that can stabilize dopamine levels for up to 36 hours.

Benefits of Pharmacology Therapy

Pharmacology therapy presents a number of benefits to individuals in treatment as well as to the larger society, including:

    Reduced risk of infection
    Needle-sharing is common among opioid users, and lack of proper sterilization and exposure to others’ body fluids increases the risk of infections like HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis. Methadone, which is taken orally, eliminates these risks.
    No withdrawal symptoms
    Because methadone provides a long-lasting effect, participants on maintenance doses do not experience withdrawals between doses.
    Increase productivity
    Because participants do not experience withdrawals, they are able to focus more on life. Many participants on methadone maintenance treatment are able to secure employment and take steps to recover custody of their children.
    Reduced criminality
    Most crimes related to drug-use are for the purpose of securing quick funds to get another illegal dose.

Pharmacology therapy has been widely used for decades and has been found to be effective and safe, even for long-term use.

Are You Eligible for Pharmacology Therapy?

Medication-assisted treatment may be what is required to overcome opioid dependency or substance abuse. Find out if you are eligible for pharmacology therapy at Duke City Recovery Toolbox. Contact us to schedule an intake appointment or visit us Monday through Thursday between 6:00 and 8:00 am. If you are an eligible participant, you will receive your first dose the same day.

Pharmacology therapy can help you focus on life! Contact Duke City Recovery Toolbox to find out if you’re eligible for medication-assisted treatment.

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