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Steps to Addiction Recovery

Duke City Recovery Toolbox in Albuquerque, New Mexico believes that the most effective addiction recovery program is the one tailored to your needs. Because treatment programs are unique to each participant, the steps to recovery are individually defined, too.

The First Step of Recovery

Although the steps to recovery addiction will vary among participants, generally everyone must start at the same place—admitting that drugs or alcohol is a problem. Until this acknowledgement is made, there is little intrinsic motivation to change. In other words, your entry into a treatment program may be to please someone else or a means to avoid criminal punishment. But these motivators are often not enough to get you through the really tough parts of recovery.

The Next Step in Your Recovery Program

What comes after admitting that drugs or alcohol is a problem is different for every participant. Your recovery program may entail:

Duke City Recovery Toolbox does not ascribe to a 12-step treatment program. However, we do support participants’ use of 12-step recovery programs, like AA or NA. In fact, we encourage participants to seek spiritual support and offer Bible study and other opportunities to explore and strengthen your faith/spiritual tradition.

The Final Step of Recovery

When you reach the final step of recovery depends on how you define “recovered,” and participants have different goals. Recovery may mean:

We help you define your goals and chart your progress throughout your recovery process.

Take One More Step

If you suspect or have already realized that substance abuse is a problem, you can take the next step to recovery by contacting Duke City Recovery Toolbox to schedule an intake appointment. We will determine your eligibility for medication-assisted treatment and develop a comprehensive addiction recovery program.

Take one more step toward full recovery from substance abuse—contact Duke City Recovery Toolbox to schedule an intake appointment.

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