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Methadone Treatment

Methadone maintenance treatment has decades of research attesting to its effectiveness in addressing opioid dependency. Still, methadone treatment faces opposition from those who fear its distribution on the streets or its addictive capability. Duke City Recovery Toolbox takes all necessary precautions to ensure that methadone treatment is used only for its intended purpose by the participant.

Methadone Diversion Prevention

Duke City Recovery Toolbox has diversion protocols in place to make sure that the methadone we administer is not distributed elsewhere.

All participants beginning medication-assisted treatment come to our pharmacy for their daily methadone dose. A nurse administers the medication and sees that it is taken immediately.

At-home doses are not distributed for any interval until:

  • A participant has completed at least three months of treatment
  • In three months of treatment, a participant has had two months of negative drug tests for illicit substances

Participants who are allowed at-home doses for one week or more are subject to call backs, which require the participant to report to the clinic within 24 hours to complete an observed urine test and examination of all remaining doses for evidence of tampering.

Methadone Addiction and Overdose Prevention

Diversion protocols also act as a safeguard for participants to ensure accurate dosing. By requiring participants to receive daily doses on-site, we can observe them to make sure that:

Participants are also required to complete urine tests monthly (multiple tests to rule out false positive or false negative results), and we can immediately refer a participant to a physician if they experience any side effects or signs of overdose.

Safe and Effective Methadone Treatment

Duke City Recovery Toolbox takes all precautions necessary to ensure the safe administration of methadone treatment. We also increase the chances for successful addiction recovery because we combine medication-assisted treatment with clinical therapy and spiritual development. Contact us to schedule an intake appointment so that you can begin your recovery program.

Duke City Recovery Toolbox ensures the safety of our participants on methadone treatment and that of our community. Contact us to learn more.

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