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Medication-Assisted Recovery Treatment in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers medication-assisted treatment (also called pharmacology therapy and opioid replacement therapy) to help individuals striving to live free of substance abuse and addiction. Medication-assisted treatment is enhanced by our mental health and medical services, offering more comprehensive care for participants.

Recovery Assisted by Medications

Duke City Recovery Toolbox operates on the premise that addiction is a disease. Alcohol and drug abuse change the brain and brain chemistry. Addressing the neuro-physiological effects of addiction, which may include preventing or reducing withdrawal symptoms, is an essential part of developing an effective addiction recovery program.

Participants who meet federal guidelines for medication-assisted treatment may be prescribed:

Narcan may also be incorporated in drug-assisted treatment regimen to prevent overdoses. We educate all participants on drug-assisted therapy on the risks of combining methadone and other sedatives.

Recovery Assisted by Mental Health Care

Medication-assisted treatment is rarely prescribed alone. For most participants, it is part of a comprehensive addiction recovery program that includes other types of therapies to address trauma, triggers and behaviors that have led to substance abuse and/or addiction.

Mental health care services are provided by master-level clinicians who form a foundational layer of your support network. We also provide you with tools and resources, including family therapy and peer support, to help you expand your support system beyond the clinic.

Financial Assistance for Your Addiction Recovery

Medication-assisted treatment and other therapies provided by Duke City Recovery Toolbox are covered by Medicaid. While we are working on accepting private insurance in the future, we do not at this time. However, we will work with your insurance provider to get complementary services, such as routine medical care and/or specialist care, covered under your benefit plan. We do accept self-pay.

To get started with an addiction recovery treatment plan developed just for you or to ask questions, please contact us.

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