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Addiction Recovery Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Nationally, New Mexico has the second highest drug overdose rate, and most overdoses are unintentional. Addiction to illicit drugs, including opioids and prescription medications, underlies the epidemic of drug abuse. But a better understanding of what addiction is (and is not) and application of that understanding allows for successful treatment.

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers addiction recovery services guided by the latest research in addiction science. We provide addiction medications and integrated mental health and spiritual care to help participants heal their lives.

Understanding Addiction

Addiction is a phenomenon that has been clouded by myth, misunderstanding and moral judgments. Many people think of addiction (particularly to illicit drugs) as a moral or character flaw, something resulting from degeneracy or lack of willpower. Scientific research, however, has led experts to conclude that addiction is a disease, a chronic illness like diabetes or hypertension.

Dramatic advances in technology have allowed scientists to examine the brain itself in search of the causes, mechanisms and consequences of addiction. Today, scientists and physicians overwhelmingly agree that while use and abuse of drugs is a behavior over which the individual exerts control, addiction to these substances is something different. Addiction is a disease that causes changes in the brain, which then drive certain behaviors—i.e., taking the drug compulsively. Unfortunately, the stigma associated with drug addiction often creates a barrier to getting help.

Your Role in Addiction Recovery

Addiction is a disease, but addicts can learn to change their behavior, making treatment and recovery from addiction possible. Just as cardiac patients are not blamed for their disease but expected to make the behavior changes required for better health.

Addiction Pharmacotherapy

One strategy for treating addiction involves the use of medications that mimic the effects of abused substances but without many of the side-effects. When monitored and combined with other treatments, including behavioral therapy, counseling, medical care and a strong support system, participants can actually wean themselves off the medications and live completely free of any chemical dependency.

Suboxone, methadone, naltrexone and narcan are the most common medications used for drug addiction recovery. Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers medication treatment to:

  • Anyone who has a history of opioid dependency for more than one year and meets state and federal guidelines

If you are interested in pharmacotherapy to help you address your addiction, please contact us. We will explain medication treatment in simple terms and provide education about addiction and resources to help you learn about your triggers, control your behaviors and make different choices to cope with life’s ups and downs.

Many of us at Duke City Recovery Toolbox were just like you—we understand! We have walked a mile in your shoes and would love to share our experiences with you. Join us—work with a team to end your addiction and fight the stigma and discrimination of addiction.

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers addiction pharmacotherapy. Contact us at (505) 224-9777 to get the support you need.

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