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Recovery Support in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers outpatient addiction recovery services, so you do not live at DCRT while you are learning to live without drugs and/or alcohol. Since you will be continuing to live your normal life, you need tools and resources to help you move through the process and cope with everyday stressors. At DCRT, you receive the recovery support you need.

Types of Recovery Support Provided

The recovery support services at DCRT entail education and re-tooling to be able to effectively manage stress, process emotions and work through the stages of change without abusing drugs and/or alcohol. Participants may benefit from any or all recovery support options, including:

  • Detox support
  • Peer support
  • Relapse prevention
  • Recognizing triggers
  • Complementary substance abuse programs

We help participants understand the steps of recovery so that they know what to expect at DCRT and from other resources.

Coordinating Recovery Support

Duke City Recovery Toolbox has a wealth of resources for people wanting to live free of addiction. But it is our goal for participants to outgrow our services. When you are ready to expand your life, we can help you coordinate with other agencies for help with:

  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Food
  • Financial support

Moving beyond treatment at DCRT does not mean you have to stop addiction medications. We never pressure participants to wean off of medications before they feel ready (if ever).

Start Filling Your Recovery Toolbox

Recovery support starts as soon as you make the choice to start the recovery process. And you can start today. Contact Duke City Recovery Toolbox to schedule an intake appointment. Your treatment begins the day of your intake appointment, and our day starts early—5:00 am, Monday through Friday and 6:00 am on Saturday.

Get the recovery support you need to overcome addiction in your everyday life. Call us at (505) 224-9777 or visit Duke City Recovery Toolbox to get started.

Re-tooling Lives and Restoring Souls