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Albuquerque Outpatient Addiction Recovery Services

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers addiction pharmacotherapy, counseling and other services to help you overcome substance abuse and addiction without leaving your life behind. And, unlike any other clinic in the greater Albuquerque area, we open earlier and stay open later to make our outpatient services available when you need them.

The Shortcomings of Inpatient Treatment

It seems that an inpatient program where you live where you receive treatment would be most effective. Unfortunately, statistics show that such intensive rehabilitation actually produces short-lived results. Failure rates of inpatient programs are as high as 75%! Reasons for failure include:

Treatment occurs in isolation
Inpatient treatment programs have you dealing with drug addiction behind closed doors—doors that shut out your everyday stressors. What happens when you return to your life and your triggers? Most people return to their unhealthy coping habits—drugs and/or alcohol.

Treatment does not involve a support system
Inpatient programs are not available everywhere, so many people travel out-of-state to attend them. Their families and friends do not come with them and do not learn how to support the participant. When finished with the inpatient program, you go back to a life with few useful resources, putting you at greater risk for relapse.

To effectively overcome addiction, treatment needs to be situated in your real life where your friends and family can be involved (if desired).

How to Start Outpatient Services at Duke City Recovery Toolbox

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers outpatient treatment that may include:

Every treatment plan is tailored to a participant’s needs, and getting started is easy—contact us.

  1. Call or email us to schedule an intake appointment. Intakes are scheduled starting at 5:00 am Monday through Thursday. Walk-ins are taken Monday through Thursday beginning at 6:00 am.
  2. Complete your intake. If you are eligible for pharmacotherapy, you will receive medication that day.

Once you are enrolled and a treatment plan has been developed for you, come to the clinic for scheduled counseling and/or medical services. Treatment may be covered under Medicaid. However, we do not take private insurance at this time. We do accept self-pay. If you have questions about starting addiction recovery, please contact us.

Outpatient addiction recovery is effective. Start your success story! Call Duke City Recovery Toolbox at (505) 224-9777 to get started.

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