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Albuquerque Drug Abuse Prevention

There is a reason that Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers more than medication-assisted treatment—we offer mental health services and education to help prevent drug addiction.

Drug Abuse Prevention

At Duke City Recovery Toolbox, you do not have to be a treatment participant to get access to our educational programs and resources. These resources are open to anyone so that you can learn—for you or a loved one:

  • How opioids affect and change your brain, leading to chemical dependence
  • How to prevent prescription opioid abuse
  • How to prevent adverse reactions with other medications
  • How to prevent overdose

Because prescription or illicit opioid use often begins as “self-medicating” to cope with life’s stresses, our behavioral health services are also available to anyone. We can help you identify triggers and develop healthy coping strategies so that drugs are not needed to make it through daily challenges.

Addiction Prevention for Long-Term Prescription Opioid Use

For individuals who are taking prescription opioids for chronic pain, developing a tolerance for the drug and chemical dependence are expected. However, dependence does not have to lead to addiction.

If you are struggling with opioid dependence after your pain has been effectively treated, a personalized treatment program at Duke City Recovery Toolbox can help you safely titrate off medication and allow your body to naturally produce normal levels of dopamine once again.

If you are currently undergoing pain treatment, Duke City Recovery Toolbox can coordinate care with your prescribing physician(s) and offer the therapy and support you need to stave off the negative behavioral and lifestyle changes that accompany addiction.

To learn more about our drug addiction prevention offerings, please contact us.

Duke City Recovery Toolbox provides educational and therapeutic resources to prevent drug abuse and addiction.

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