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Overcoming Addiction

Duke City Recovery Toolbox in Albuquerque, New Mexico offers the services and resources our participants need to overcome opioid dependency and addiction. However, what we offer is only part of what is needed for successful recovery. In order to get and stay sober, participants have to do the work it takes to restore their physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health.

Factors that Determine Success in Overcoming Addiction

There are two types of factors that affect the success of your efforts to overcome addiction:

  1. Positive factors—the stuff that needs to be present/in place in your life. These include:
    • Physical health
      Because substance abuse changes the brain, you need to effectively address the biophysiological aspects of dependence or addiction. This may be done through medication-assisted treatment to avoid dangerous withdrawal symptoms and reduce risk of relapse.
    • Mental and emotional health
      Substance abuse often begins as a means to cope with emotional pain, trauma or other mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety. Substance abuse may also result in or exacerbate mental health problems. Simply taking away the substance alone will not ensure sobriety. Clinical therapy is needed to address the underlying issues that substance abuse was meant to numb.
    • Healthy environment
      No one overcomes addiction alone. You must have a positive support network in place, and you need to have your basic needs of shelter, clothing and food met. So, overcoming addiction requires a healthy environment that supports a life of sobriety.
  2. Negative factors—the things that absolutely need to be removed from your life, such as:
    • Problem substances
      The presence of illicit substances presents a constant temptation and just makes overcoming addiction harder.
    • Triggering environment
      Being around people who use, encourage you to use or who physically, psychologically and/or emotionally abuse you increases your risk of relapse.

Restoring your physical and mental health and developing a healthy environment takes time. Your treatment team at Duke City Recovery Toolbox work with you to develop strategies to eliminate negative factors and build up positive factors to help you overcome addiction.

How We Help You Overcome Addiction

At Duke City Recovery Toolbox, we offer a wide array of addiction recovery services, but we can help you with even more. We can connect you with resources to help you find:

  • Employment
  • Affordable housing
  • Primary health care providers
  • Psychiatric treatment for mental health concerns beyond the scope of our clinical team’s treatment capabilities
  • 12-step groups to complement your therapies at DCRT or provide on-going support after you’ve finished your treatment program at DCRT

Take the first step to getting the help you need from Duke City Recovery Toolbox to overcome addiction. Contact us to schedule an intake appointment or walk-in anytime between 6:00 and 8:00 am Monday through Thursday.

Contact Duke City Recovery Toolbox for whole-person care that helps you successfully overcome addiction.

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