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Addiction Recovery Peer Support in Albuquerque, New Mexico

At Duke City Recovery Toolbox, we never promise an easy road to recovery from opioid dependency or drug addiction. We understand that you are going through physical, emotional and spiritual challenges during your recovery process; however, some of us have not walked a similar path, and encouragement from someone who has not “walked a mile in your shoes” may seem empty. We understand that, too. For that reason, we employ peer support specialists.

What Is a Peer Support Specialist?

A peer support specialist is a participant of Duke City Recovery Toolbox who has successfully completed a treatment program. They are hired members of our team who work with you and your therapist to keep you on the path to recovery.

What Do Peer Support Specialists Do?

Peer support specialists have two big tasks:

  1. Motivate and encourage participants.
    As someone who has faced the challenges you may currently be experiencing, peer support specialists can offer meaningful encouragement to stick to your treatment program. They can listen and empathize in ways that people who have never struggled to overcome addiction may not be able.
  2. Advocate for participants with therapists.
    As someone who may deeply understand your challenges and feelings, peer support specialists can provide insightful feedback to the therapists who can then further tailor your counseling to meet your needs.

Peer support specialists are active members of your treatment team and are available throughout your entire recovery journey.

How Can I Become a Peer Support Specialist?

Duke City Recovery Toolbox is always ready to expand our team of peer support specialists. If you are interested, please talk to your treatment team. They can help you understand what treatment milestones you may need to reach to be considered for the position and help you adjust your treatment program accordingly.

If you are actively working with a physician to titrate off methadone and no longer seeing a therapist, please contact us to learn more.

Contact Duke City Recovery Toolbox for treatment that includes encouragement from people who really understand—our peer support specialists.

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