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Long-Term Dependency and Addiction Treatment

Duke City Recovery Toolbox does not put a deadline on recovery from opioid dependency or drug addiction. We offer treatment for as long as a participant needs it to ensure they get the medical, mental, emotional and spiritual care they need to live independent of illicit substances.

How Long is Long-Term?

“Long-term” by itself is an abstract term. For most clinics, long-term treatment is treatment that lasts longer than two years. It is possible that long-term treatment may mean lifetime treatment for some individuals. However, at Duke City Recovery Toolbox, we do not want lifetime treatment to be the norm. We develop holistic treatment programs so that participants get the help they need to live completely free of drugs, alcohol and clinical supports.

We do not prescribe at the outset of treatment how long the term of outpatient services will be. Recovery progress is continually assessed by your treatment team and adjustments to your program made to keep you progressing along your recovery path.

For Whom Is Long-Term Treatment Best Suited?

There are no hard and fast diagnostic or case criteria that determine at the outset if a participant needs long-term treatment. However, we often find that long-term treatment is necessary when:

  • There is a long-term substance abuse issue—i.e., dependence or addiction lasting longer than five years
  • There is a history of abuse and/or trauma

Short-term treatment may end up becoming long-term treatment when participants experience unexpected setbacks in their recovery process.

What to Expect in Long-Term Treatment

Participants in long-term treatment at Duke City Recovery Toolbox can expect to create a new family and support network that includes the caring staff here. Every personalized treatment program—with or without pharmacology therapy—includes mental health services so that participants:

Participants are also encouraged to integrate their faith backgrounds into their treatment. We offer spiritual care opportunities through Bible study groups and prayer requests.

You may be on a long road to recovery, but there’s no way to know until you start. Contact Duke City Recovery Toolbox to schedule an intake appointment. We also welcome walk-ins between 6:00 and 8:00 am Monday through Thursday.

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers long-term outpatient treatment programs. Contact us to start your recovery journey today.

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