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Short-Term Dependency and Addiction Treatment in Albuquerque, New Mexico

When you’re ready to change, change may come quickly. Duke City Recovery Toolbox will not stand in your way and keep you in treatment longer than you need it. We offer short-term outpatient treatment so that you get the tools and resources you need to build and enjoy your life of sobriety.

What Is Short-Term Treatment?

Clinically speaking, short-term treatment is treatment that lasts from about 3 to 18 months. Most participants of short-term treatment programs are completely independent of services in less than two years.

At Duke City Recovery Toolbox, there are no short-term treatment “tracks” that will guarantee program completion in a prescribed length of time. Rather, the length of your short-term treatment is determined by you and your treatment team based on your progress.

For Whom Is Short-Term Treatment Best Suited?

The idea of “early treatment, early cure” applies to many people seeking services for opioid dependence or drug addiction. In other words, short-term treatment is typically best suited for participants with a short history of substance abuse.

What to Expect in Short-Term Treatment

All participants—whether they need short- or long-term treatment—can expect the same things:

  • To be treated with respect and dignity
  • To have a treatment plan developed that meets their unique needs and goals
  • To have access to whole-person care, including medical services and spiritual care

All short-term treatment plans involve counseling to help participants recognize triggers, develop healthy coping mechanisms and build healthy relationships and support systems. Participants have the option of to involve their families and heal relationships damaged by substance abuse through family counseling sessions.

How to Make Your Short-Term Treatment Shorter

The only way to quicken your recovery process is to stop delaying when you start. Contact Duke City Recovery Toolbox today to schedule an intake appointment. You may also walk-in for an intake appointment between 6:00 and 8:00 am Monday through Thursday.

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers short-term outpatient treatment programs. Contact us to start your recovery journey today.

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