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Individual Therapy for Behavioral Health

Addiction takes more than willpower to overcome. You cannot simply talk yourself into getting and staying clean. But you will never get and stay clean if you’re not honest with yourself, either. Individual therapy provides the opportunity for education, emotional support and “brain training” essential to an effective addiction recovery program.

Complementary Therapies

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers a variety of services and treatment methods to help people overcome substance abuse and addiction. For most participants in our outpatient programs, combining pharmacology therapy and counseling provides the most comprehensive treatment.

The types of therapies you need (and for which you are eligible) are determined during your intake session. Your individual treatment plan is continually reviewed and therapies modified to reflect your progress and evolving needs, such as when you may feel ready to wean off medications.

Counseling Approaches and Strategies

The therapists at Duke City Recovery Toolbox are master-level clinicians who have experience with a wide variety of counseling approaches. We help participants understand the recovery process and their place in it through the stages of change model. Beyond that, everything about individual therapy is determined by your needs. Topics we may address include:

  • Identifying and processing trauma
  • Identifying triggers
  • Identifying high-risk circumstances
  • Identifying motivators for behavior and change
  • Learning alternative coping strategies and skills

Family therapy is also an option if you feel ready to involve your loved ones in your recovery process.

Therapy for the Soul

You are not alone in the recovery process. The staff of Duke City Recovery Toolbox are with you every step of the way. And we can help you call on a Higher Power to help you through the journey as well.

We offer care for your entire being—body, mind and spirit. Please let us know if you would like to participate in our faith-based opportunities, such as Bible study and prayer groups. All faith traditions are respected, and participation is voluntary.

Duke City Recovery Toolbox provides individualized therapy for people striving to overcome addiction. Contact us at (505) 224-9777 to start your recovery program today.

Re-tooling Lives and Restoring Souls