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Alcohol Abuse Treatment in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Alcohol addiction presents similarly to opioid addiction, and opioid replacement medications can be used to successfully treat alcohol addiction. As a result, Duke City Recovery Toolbox is uniquely suited to provide recovery services to those seeking treatment for alcoholism.

Alcohol Abuse and the Brain

Alcohol is a drug, just like heroin and oxycodone. It works similarly to opioids in that it depresses central nervous system functions, like breathing and heart rate. Like opioids, long-term alcohol abuse changes the brain, making it a disease that may be most effectively treated with medications and clinical therapy.

Treatment Medications for Alcohol

Research shows that some medications used to treat opioid dependency effectively stem alcohol withdrawals and cravings, too. Opioid replacement medications that may be used for alcohol treatment include:

All medications must be closely monitored because the combination of medications and alcohol increase the risk of overdose.

Therapy for Alcohol Recovery

Treatment medications are one of the most effective tools to help someone through detox. Once their system is free of alcohol, there are still beliefs and behaviors that need to be addressed to prevent relapse.

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers a variety of clinical therapies to help participants:

  • Recognize triggers
  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms
  • Build support social networks

We also offer family therapy to facilitate healing relationships damaged by alcoholism.

Start Your Alcohol Abuse Recovery Journey

Duke City Recovery Toolbox provides the medical services, counseling and community resources you need to successfully overcome alcohol addiction. Contact us to schedule an intake appointment.

Start your recovery from alcohol abuse today! Contact Duke City Recovery Toolbox to schedule an intake appointment.

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