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Treatment for Hydrocodone Abuse in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Hydrocodone, which is often prescribed under brands names such as Vicodin and Narco, is an opioid pain killer that has the potential for abuse and addiction. Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers treatment to address hydrocodone chemical dependency and addiction.

Signs of Hydrocodone Abuse

Hydrocodone is prescribed for pain that cannot be relieved with OTC medicines or anti-inflammatories. But a prescription alone is not enough to prevent abuse. Hydrocodone abuse includes:

  • Taking larger doses than prescribed
  • Taking doses more frequently or for a longer duration than prescribed/recommended
  • Taking hydrocodone for reasons other than pain relief

Some side effects also mimic symptoms of abuse.

Hydrocodone Dependency

Hydrocodone affects dopamine levels in your brain, and with continued use, can actually result in your brain ceasing to produce dopamine on its own (i.e. chemical dependence).

Addressing hydrocodone dependency (and addiction) requires detox, and it is advisable to undergo early stages of recovery under supervision to prevent withdrawals.

Hydrocodone Abuse Treatment Options

Duke City Recovery Toolbox provides a wide range of addiction recovery services to help participants deal with the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of hydrocodone addiction. The most effective treatment programs combine pharmacology therapy and counseling to relieve physical distress and deal with the “roots” of addiction.

The first step to developing an individualized treatment program is to complete an intake appointment. You may contact us to schedule an appointment or visit our clinic Monday through Thursday from 6:00 to 8:00 am. Eligible participants will receive their first dose of medication the same day.

Duke City Recovery Toolbox provides treatment for hydrocodone dependency and addiction. Contact us to schedule an intake appointment.

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