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Relapse Prevention

Medication-assisted therapy alone is not enough to ensure a life free of substance abuse. To successfully overcome addiction and stay sober, you need to the right tools and supports in place to effectively cope with life’s stresses. At Duke City Recovery Toolbox in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we offer the recovery support you need to prevent relapse.

Relapse Prevention Tools

At Duke City Recovery Toolbox, every participant (whether eligible for medication-assisted therapy or not) has a personalized treatment plan. While the types of counseling, number and frequency of sessions, etc. are tailored to meet your unique needs, our therapists will help every participant develop the tools they need to live independent of illicit substances:

  • Ability to identify triggers—you need to know what situations and feelings lead to substance abuse so that you can avoid or eliminate them from your life.
  • Environmental risk assessment—you need to know what living situations and relationships introduce or increase triggers so that you are not putting yourself at greater risk for relapse.
  • Anger management—you need to know what to do with strong feelings that substance abuse used to numb.
  • Support network—you need to know how to cultivate friendships and emotional supports to help you when times get hard.

Because “knowing is half the battle,” Duke City Recovery Toolbox uses a stages of change model that helps you know what to expect during your recovery journey.

Relapse Prevention Resources

Substance abuse has often eroded participants’ social lives and economic stability, yet these issues need to be addressed to prevent relapse. In addition to equipping you with the mental tools to prevent relapse, we also connect you with outside resources to find jobs, affordable housing and health care.

Get the tools and resources you need to stay on the path of recovery. Contact Duke City Recovery Toolbox to begin your personalized treatment program with an intake appointment. You may also walk into our Albuquerque clinic between 6:00 and 8:00 am Monday through Thursday.

Contact Duke City Recovery Toolbox for tools and resources to help prevent relapse.

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