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Variable Substance Abuse Treatment Terms

The philosophy of care at Duke City Recovery Toolbox in Albuquerque, New Mexico is simple: we offer whole-person care for as long as participant needs it to get and stay sober. Because every participant’s recovery journey is different, every treatment program is different, so every treatment term is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Long- and Short-Term Treatment Programs

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers short-term and long-term treatment programs. In “clinical speak,” these terms are generally as follows:

  • Short-term: any treatment program lasting fewer than 24 months
  • Long-term: any treatment program that continues beyond 24 months

No treatment program at Duke City Recovery Program follows a prescribed length of time. These labels are simply ways to help participants understand how long they may expect to continue therapy and/or medication-assisted treatment with us.

Determining the Length of Your Treatment Program

When you begin treatment at Duke City Recovery Toolbox, you do not have to declare a treatment term. There are no treatment “tracks” to ensure you’re done within 18 months…or 5 years…or 10 years.

All treatment terms are determined on a case-by-case basis between you—the participant—and your treatment team, which may include:

Others may also voice opinions considered in determining your treatment terms, such as members of your support network and peer support specialists.

Because there are no pre-determined treatment terms, it is possible that someone may continue treatment indefinitely. However, our goal at Duke City Recovery Toolbox is to equip you with the education, tools and resources you need to develop healthy support systems and coping strategies so that you can independently live substance-free. We just don’t put a deadline on when you have to achieve this level of independence from the support and resources we provide.

The fastest way to finish treatment is to start. Contact us to schedule an intake appointment or visit our Albuquerque clinic between 6:00 and 8:00 am Monday through Thursday.

There are no recovery deadlines at Duke City Recovery Toolbox. We offer variable treatment terms that meet your needs.

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