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Treatment for Pain Killer Abuse in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Not all chemical dependencies or drug addictions involve illegal substances. Prescription pain killers are addictive, and the changes in the brain resulting from sustained opioid use makes giving them up cold turkey difficult and dangerous. Duke City Recovery Toolbox provides medical and clinical treatment for pain killer abuse.

Commonly Abused Pain Killers

The most commonly abused pain killers include:

These medications provide similar effects of illegal opiates, such as heroin, and similar withdrawal symptoms, too.

Risk Factors for Pain Killer Abuse

Common risk factors for pain killer abuse include:

  • Environment/exposure to drugs/drug abuse
  • Trauma
  • Long-term use of pain killers (i.e., people taking pain killers for chronic pain management are at increased risk for dependency and/or addiction)

Dependency is not inevitable. If you are taking opioids for chronic pain management, talk to your doctor about strategies to prevent addiction.

Whole-Person Treatment Programs

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers comprehensive recovery services to address physical, mental and emotional aspects of dependency, and addiction. Treatment programs typically combine:

Treatment programs are tailored to each participant’s needs and goals, so there is no standard timeline to meet recovery benchmarks.

To start your personalized treatment program, you need to complete an intake appointment. Contact us to schedule or visit our clinic Monday through Thursday from 6:00 to 8:00 am.

Duke City Recovery Toolbox provides treatment for abuse of prescription pain killers. Contact us to schedule an intake appointment.

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