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Psychoeducation for Individuals and Families

Addiction is a complex issue, one that not even those who suffer from it may fully understand. And the consequences are not experienced by an addict alone. At Duke City Recovery Toolbox, we believe that recovery is facilitated by a better understanding of what it is you are recovering from. Psychoeducation provides the opportunity for us to teach participants and their families about addiction and addiction recovery.

What You Learn in Psychoeducation

Psychoeducation therapy helps participants and their families understand the science and psychosocial dynamics of addiction with co-occurring/mental health disorders. Topics covered in psychoeducation include:

  • How the brain is affected by addiction
  • How mental illness can exacerbate addiction and vice-versa
  • Treatments included in an individual’s program—what they are and how they work
  • Steps to recovery

We use a stages of change model to help participants and their families understand how they may move from addiction to a healthier life.

What to Expect in Psychoeducation Therapy

Psychoeducation is primarily an educational service, so information is delivered in a lecture format. However, the therapist leading the session will always take time to answer your questions.

The number of psychoeducation sessions required may depend on your background knowledge about addiction and/or addiction recovery. There is no limit to the number of psychoeducation sessions Duke City Recovery Toolbox will provide.

To learn more about substance abuse, addiction and how you can support a loved one through addiction recovery, please contact us. We provide the resources and tools you need.

Psychoeducation puts you on the road to recovery. Call Duke City Recovery Toolbox at (505) 224-9777 to help you understand addiction and the recovery process.

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