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Opioid Dependency Treatment in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Opioid dependency is becoming an epidemic that affects all genders, ages and socioeconomic levels. It may entail addiction to illicit street drugs, like heroin, or prescription pain killers like morphine, oxycodone and others.

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers medication-assisted treatment that has been proven effective to help individuals successfully end their opioid dependency safely and with reduced risk for relapse.

Understanding Opioid Dependency

Opioids are a class of drugs that affect the brain’s dopamine receptors. Everyone naturally produces dopamine, a neurotransmitter that sends “feel good” messages to the brain. Opioids create a spike in dopamine levels, causing an incredible “high” feeling.

When opioids are used regularly, the brain begins to shut down natural dopamine production in an effort to maintain a stable level. In order to produce the same “high,” higher doses of drugs are needed. This is what is known as tolerance.

When an individual who has developed a tolerance runs out of drugs, dopamine levels drop very low. In addition to simply feeling miserable, low dopamine levels and the absence of drugs can lead to withdrawal symptoms.

In the sustained absence of opioids, the body will resume natural dopamine production. In the meantime, individuals need support to face the physical, mental and emotional symptoms of opioid dependency.

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Dependency

Methadone treatment has a long history of effectiveness in treating opioid dependency. Methadone mimics the effects of opioids but without many of the side effects. It can prevent withdrawal syndrome, and in higher doses, it can actually block the “feel good” sensation opioids typically cause.

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers methadone treatment to help participants address the neurophysiological effects of opioid dependency. Medication-assisted treatment is just one component of a comprehensive addiction recovery program, which is developed to meet each individual participant’s needs.

Get the Services and Support You Need at the Toolbox

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers addiction recovery services for your mind, body and spirit. To start outpatient services, contact us to schedule an intake appointment. Participants eligible for pharmacotherapy are given medication the same day. All services are covered under Medicaid.

Opioid dependency affects your brain. Medication-assisted treatment can help. Call Duke City Recovery Toolbox at (505) 224-9777 to get the medication and treatments you need.

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