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About the “Toolbox”

Duke City Recovery Toolbox in Albuquerque, New Mexico is a unique resource for people struggling with substance abuse and addiction and their families. DCRT is an accredited* outpatient clinic that offers integrated addiction recovery services and mental health services, including medication, individual and/or family counseling and spiritual support (if desired) as well as medical care for patients receiving medication treatment.

What We Offer

Duke City Recovery Toolbox offers every participant the dignity and respect they deserve as a human being. The scope of our services are intended to do more than address addiction; we hope to help you develop the understanding, life skills, coping mechanisms and support network you need to successfully participate in a healthy, fulfilling life of your choosing.

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Meet Our Leadership Staff

The integrated medical, mental health and spiritual care offered at DCRT is made possible by the work of a very dedicated team.

Christian Shaw, MD PhD – Consulting Physician

Dr. Christian Shaw is the consulting physician for Duke City Recovery Toolbox.  He is responsible for managing the patient population receiving medication assisted treatment.  Dr. Shaw is an American Board Certified Physician specializing in treatment of opioid addiction.  His specialty training consisted of preventive, occupational and addiction medicine within the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of New Mexico.  Prior to attending medical school, Dr. Shaw completed his PhD training at McGill University’s renowned Montreal Neurological Institute.

Dr. Shaw is a strong proponent of medication assisted treatment of opioid dependence disorder.  He is actively involved with the State Opioid Treatment Authority to optimize safety and quality standards of care delivery.  Recent Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities re-accreditation referred to Dr. Shaw as one of the ‘all-star doctors’ in the United States practicing methadone based medication assisted treatment of opioid dependence.

James Widner, LADAC, CADAC – Director, CEO

Mr. Widner has a rich history in serving the needs of the substance abuse community. His experience includes:

  • Vice Chair of local 12 step program
  • Counseling, group facilitation and medication administration for at-risk youth in a residential treatment setting
  • Owner/operator of several Recovery Halfway Houses that served a minimum of 85 residents who had been released from incarceration

As the CEO of Duke City Recovery Toolbox, Mr. Widner has achieved the fastest growing medically assisted opiate treatment agency in the state of New Mexico. His innovative courage in transforming the way opiate addiction is treated and viewed has caught the attention of select state officials, who have now requested his guidance for inciting change in other methadone clinics.

LeTia Lester, LPN- Assistant Director and Director of Patient Care

Ms. Lester has over 14 years of nursing experience that includes leadership positions in two opioid treatment programs. Ms. Lester is responsible for ensuring high quality patient care and compliance with all government and healthcare agencies, such as
HIPAA compliance

Ms. Lester’s position is the pillar of the agency, maintaining balance among competing demands, including clients’ medical needs, medical treatment protocols, care coordination with physicians and compliance.

To work with one of the top addiction recovery teams in New Mexico, contact DCRT today. We have early morning and late evening hours. We also accept walk-ins.

Duke City Recovery Toolbox respects those brave enough to face their substance abuse and addiction. Contact us at (505) 224-9777 to get the support you need.

Re-tooling Lives and Restoring Souls

* Accredited by Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and is recognized by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)