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How to Combat Social Anxiety

Maintaining strong connections with others is an important part of maintaining sobriety. However, socialization can be a lot more difficult for people with social anxiety.

Social anxiety can affect your ability to make and maintain relationships, but it can also impact you professionally if you’re unable to go through job interviews successfully. It can be overcome; it just takes a little work on your part. Here are a few things you can do.

Establish Reasonable Goals

Establishing big, lofty social goals at the outset can result in disappointment if you don’t achieve them. Setting smaller goals is less intimidating, and also gives you a reason to stay motivated as you make gains. Something as simple as saying hello to someone on the street, or asking someone at work about their day, can be fulfilling when you struggle with social anxiety. These small steps will also show that you’re capable of socializing with others, and the act is not at intimidating as it might appear at first.

Reward Yourself

Engaging with others can be very tiring when you experience social anxiety, so it’s perfectly fine to reward yourself when you put yourself out there. If there is a book or movie you enjoy, treat yourself to it after a social event. You can also feel free to indulge in your favorite food or beverage. You can even reward yourself with a night in if you feel overwhelmed by your social adventure.

Don’t Worry About Getting It Perfect

One of the biggest drawbacks of social anxiety is the need to get everything just right. You want to say the right thing, act the right way, and impress those in your social circle. However, this is the wrong aspect to focus on when it comes to social interaction. Instead, you must focus on having a good time and making connections with others. It’s natural to misspeak or have something come out differently than the way you intended. Fortunately, that’s all part of the human experience.

Counseling is also recommended to make strides towards being a more social person. Duke City Recovery Toolbox supports our clients’ sobriety in every possible way, including through therapy and counseling. We take a holistic approach to addiction to provide you the best possible strategy to remain healthy and happy.

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