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Do You Have a Drinking Problem?

The normalization of drinking in society means it’s often hard to identify a problem. In many cases, people are encouraged to drink with friends and family, either to celebrate and event or just to blow off steam after a long day.

Because alcohol consumption is so normalized, it’s crucial that people are aware of the signs of a substance abuse issue. Here are some warning signs that your alcohol usage may be getting out of hand.

Signs That You May Have an Alcohol Use Disorder

While every person is different, exhibiting two or more of the following signs indicates a possible drinking problem:

  • Withdrawal effects when abstaining from drinking for a period of time
  • Drinking more than you meant to in a night or over a few hours
  • Being distracted by the thought of consuming alcohol
  • Partaking in risky behaviors when drinking
  • Limiting your drinking to a certain time, such as nights or weekends
  • Getting into legal trouble because of alcohol consumption
  • Missing school or work as a result of your drinking

The more signs that apply to your life, the more serious your drinking problem may be. However, even mild alcohol use issues require timely treatment to prevent worsening effects.

Steps to Take to Get Control of Your Drinking

The first step is to accept that you have a problem. From there, you must seek out the appropriate treatment for your alcohol use disorder.

For many people, that means a combination of drug treatment and behavioral therapy. Keep in mind that many people who drink or use drugs do so because of an underlying mental health issue. The substance abuse treatment helps you get a handle on your disorder, while the therapy addresses any emotional issues that may contribute to problematic behaviors.

Where to Find Help with Drinking in Albuquerque

Finding the right treatment is crucial to overcoming issues with substance abuse and addiction. In Albuquerque, our team of counselors and therapists at Duke City Recovery Toolbox can assist you in taking those all-important first steps.

With a variety of recovery options for patients to choose from, we can provide a customized treatment approach for the best chance of success. Please call (505) 224-9777 to speak with a team member today or contact us for more information.