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What is Dual Diagnosis and How Can It Affect Your Recovery?

Drug and alcohol addiction rarely happens in a vacuum. For many people, drug use is a way to deal with past trauma and tumultuous emotions.

In this case, receiving a dual diagnosis is crucial to getting a grasp on dependence issues. Whether you struggle with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, or some other mental health issue, you must receive proper treatment to really make the most of your recovery.

How Does Mental Health Affect Substance Abuse?

Self-medication occurs when a person enjoys the temporary emotional boost they get from using drugs or alcohol. A person may return to these substances again and again in order to experience the same good feelings, which can quickly lead the way to addiction and dependence.

Drug use can also contribute to the development of mental health disorders. As the brain changes due to the effects of substance abuse, a person may be more prone to anxiety than they were previously. Withdrawal from drugs and alcohol can also cause bad feelings, including intense depression. In this case, a person may seek out drugs to avoid those feelings.

How Are Dual Diagnoses Treated?

While finding the right substance abuse treatment is crucial for your health and wellness, underlying mental health disorders must also be addressed. Without proper treatment, the desire to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol can be profound. As a result, the chance of relapse is much higher when mental health issues remain untreated.

Many people benefit from therapy during the course of their recovery. A therapist can help you identify underlying mental health issues. They can also help you develop coping mechanisms to deal with past trauma, as well as daily stressors that may trigger drug use.

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