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Maintaining Your Mental Health During the Winter

Wintry weather, shorter days, and holiday burnout can really do a number on your mental health during the winter season. Many people experience an uptick of depression at this time of the year, but it’s possible to brighten your mood by adopting healthy habits. Here are a few ways that you can enjoy a happier winter season, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Take Care of Your Physical Health

Your physical health often impacts mental wellbeing. Accordingly, caring for your body can sometimes brighten your mood, especially during the dour winter months. When it comes to sleep, aim for at least seven hours each night. You should also exercise regularly, as physical activity can result in the release of feel-good chemicals to brighten your mood. A healthy diet is also beneficial, as it will provide essential fuel for your body.

Spend Some Time Outdoors

While the weather may be cold and snowy, spending time outdoors is crucial to your mental wellness. Sunlight is essential in regulating your mood, so it’s best to brave the cold on days when the sun makes an appearance. You can also invest in a light box, which replicates the brightness of the sun right in the comfort of your home.

Socialize with Friends and Loved Ones

Isolation can also increase the winter blues, so make time for friends and family whenever possible. Socialization decreases stress and can also induce feelings of happiness, so it’s a great way to handle the dreary feelings that winter unleashes. If you find it difficult to visit your loved ones directly, video chats are the next best thing.

Consider Professional Assistance

Some bouts of depression are about more than just winter weather. If you can’t shake your bad mood, or experience feelings of hopelessness, consider speaking with a professional counselor. You may be experiencing seasonal affective disorder, a condition that is most prevalent during the winter months. A counselor can help you process your feelings and develop new methods for coping with periods of depression.

Here at Duke City Recovery Toolbox, we specialize in helping residents of Albuquerque overcome addiction and substance abuse. However, we also provide therapeutic services to promote optimal mental wellness in those we assist. Call (505) 224-9777 or contact us to learn more about our counseling services and how they can help you.