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How Peer Support Can Benefit Substance Recovery

Substance abuse is a complex issue, one that requires many different approaches to have the biggest impact. Along with the recovery process, many people also benefit from peer support once treatment is complete.

Peer support can keep you on track with your sobriety by offering a helping hand during low times, as well as celebrating achievements and milestones with you. Here’s why having the support of one’s peers is so crucial to the recovery process.

What Is Peer Support?

Peer support is a program composed of people who’ve successfully been through the recovery process. These people then make themselves available to those currently in recovery and share insights learned during their own sobriety journey.

Peer support staff provide mentorship to those in recovery, while also helping them access important resources to rebuild their lives after drug addiction. Peer support staff can also serve as a shoulder to lean on during times when a person is feeling unsure about the recovery process or whether they have what it takes to maintain sobriety.

What Benefits Does It Offer People in Recovery?

Navigating the post-recovery period is challenging for a lot of people. There are often concerns about relapses, but people can also struggle with rebuilding their relationships and securing gainful employment. They may also experience significant stress about maintaining sobriety for the long-term.

Along with counselors and other mental health professionals, peer support specialists are especially helpful during the post-recovery period. These individuals can approach newly recovered people from a place of understanding. They can share insights and strategies that helped them during the same period. They can also help people manage drug and alcohol cravings during times of distress.

Get the Support You Need During the Recovery Process

Here at Duke City Recovery Toolbox, we believe that peer support is a crucial part of the treatment process. These specialists also work in conjunction with skilled counselors to ensure you receive personalized treatment to meet your exact needs. Schedule an intake appointment at our Albuquerque clinic by calling (505) 224-9777 today. You can also contact us for more information.