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How to Maintain Control When Quitting Alcohol

When it comes to inebriating substances, alcohol is quite common in social situations. As a result, it can be hard for people struggling with alcohol addiction to change their habits, no matter how motivated they are.

Fortunately, there are quite a few effective methods you can employ to quit alcohol and maintain sobriety for an extended period. Here are a few techniques to try as you navigate your sober journey.

Talk With Your Friends and Loved Ones

In most cases, giving up alcohol requires support from your family and close friends. For instance, if you plan on quitting alcohol, you’ll want to let your loved ones know so they don’t inadvertently offer you an alcoholic beverage in the future. Your loved ones can also help keep you in check in the event you experience a relapse by establishing boundaries and holding you to them. While it can be difficult to talk about personal issues with people close to you, you will feel a great sense of relief once the matter is out in the open.

Pursue New Hobbies and Activities

It’s easy to revert to drinking alcohol when you feel that your life is lacking worthwhile pursuits. Accordingly, recovery is the perfect time to look for new hobbies to interest you. If you’re interested in arts and crafts, consider taking a class where you live. If you love outdoor activities, look for hiking and walking groups. The goal is to replace drinking with healthier activities that fulfill your body, mind, and spirit.

Develop Healthy Self-Care Practices

Taking care of yourself entails making healthy decisions. When it comes to your diet, focus on nutritious foods that fuel your body. Exercise is another crucial aspect of self-care, as it can help alleviate anxiety while keeping you fit and energized. At night, strive for at least seven hours of sleep to feel rested come morning. And if you experience stress, look for wholesome ways to relieve it. Things like yoga, meditation, and acupuncture are great for reducing anxiety in an all-natural way.

The right support is also crucial for people who want to quit alcohol. In Albuquerque, Duke City Recovery Toolbox is highly invested in helping our patients overcome addiction and realize their life goals. When it comes to alcohol abuse, we provide essential assistance at all stages of the recovery process. And once you’ve achieved sobriety, our peer support specialists are here to help you maintain it. Call (505) 224-9777 today to learn more about enrollment or contact us for more information.