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Helping Your Loved One Through Recovery During the Holidays

The holidays often are a time for celebration and joy; however, for many folks in recovery, the holidays also can bring relapse, fear, and stress. It’s vital to discover the proper balance which permits you to enjoy the holidays without having to jeopardize your family member’s recovery.

Practice Open Communication

A big concern that loved ones have during the holiday season is whether they ought to serve alcohol at supper. The best method of determining this is by assessing where your family member is within their recovery journey. Are they at ease around alcohol? Are they newly sober? If you aren’t certain, ask. Let them know they’re a critical part of the celebration and you want to ensure that they’re comfortable.

Don’t Make Alcoholic Beverages the Focus

Oftentimes loved ones spend hours sitting and drinking as they catch up and reminisce. It might make your family member feel uncomfortable and isolated. While we do not suggest that you stop speaking to your loved ones, we do recommend a change of scenery. Try to start a new holiday tradition like going sledding, ice skating, going to the movies, pumpkin picking, or enjoying a game of flag football. It’ll give everybody the chance to bond without alcoholic beverages.

Reduce Stress

There often are high expectations that surround celebrations which may lead to stress and anxiety. It’s vital to keep in mind that the holiday season isn’t about who has the best pie, the perfect gift for someone else, or most elaborate center piece. Try and take a more carefree approach to the holidays, and you’ll all experience a more enjoyable celebration without the unneeded tension and stress. If your family member is struggling with drug addiction or alcoholism, Duke City Recovery Toolbox is here to help. Call us at (505) 224-977 today!