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Recovery – What to Expect

What to Expect

There are several important items that people who are new to Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) should know. Often times, psychoeducation is necessary at the onset of treatment. Many people lose interest or become discouraged in the initial phase of their program because they are not well educated as to the process of recovery. The first step is the most difficult, so congratulations on making the decision to experience recovery and begin a new life! Welcome to the Duke City Recovery  Family, we will do our best to ensure that you have a successful experience.

  • Most people are unaware that during the induction phase, you will experience temporary and moderate sickness until a therapeutic level is reached. It is important to meet with your clinician to move through this challenging process as often as possible. Our new participants will visit with their counselor several times during the first two weeks to experience a “check-in.” This process is to ensure that you are doing well and feeling better day-to-day until your therapeutic level is achieved. Remember, this is temporary, so hang in there! A couple of weeks of adjustment is nothing compared to the rest of your life in happiness!
  • We often get concerns from participants that their family, friends, employers, etc. express discontent for this medication and should not be on this “type” of road to recovery. Most have a false perception that opiate addiction is something that can be stopped “cold turkey;” however, this is not the reality. In situations such as this, we invite the concerned individual to attend a session to discuss apprehensions and educate them on the value of this process. In most cases, and after an understanding is gained, the participant has a new level of support in their recovery. In short, many people lack understanding! It’s okay, let’s talk!!
  • In your first month at DCRT you can expect to meet with your therapist to complete a person-centered Comprehensive Treatment Plan. This means that you can use your voice and establish realistic goals to plan for your recovery and a resilient lifestyle! You can address spirituality; relapse prevention; family therapy; relationship problems; marital issues; parenting; employment; education; or, anything else that you need assistance with. Our Master’s Level and LADAC clinical team has a wealth of skills so we’re prepared for anything, to include advocacy! Come on in and let’s start your new journey! You have so much to look forward to…whew…what a relief!! God Bless You!

With a welcome heart,

Therese M. Duran, MA, LPCC, LADAC

Clinical Director/Forensic Evaluator