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How to Repair a Marriage After Drug Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction have a very negative impact on relationships, especially when it comes to marriages. Spouses may feel hurt and abandoned by their partners when in active addiction, while the person struggling with the substance abuse may feel isolated from their spouse.

It’s possible to mend a relationship after substance abuse, but you must take the right steps. Here are a few things couples can do to rebuild their relationships in the wake of a drug addiction.

Attend Counseling Together

Marriage counseling allows each party to be heard and acknowledged. It also enables a mental health professional to share their insights and help each spouse develop healthy coping mechanisms. Couples’ counseling should take place alongside drug or alcohol treatment, as well as individual counseling to get to the root cause of addictive and destructive behaviors.

Leave the Past Behind

Addiction causes many unwanted and unpleasant behaviors, which can cause resentment between married couples. However, this resentment cannot be carried into the future, or the relationship will not survive. Once amends have been made, both parties must leave the past behind them, where it belongs. Continually bringing up past transgressions only contributes to strife and puts undue pressure on the person trying to maintain sobriety. If resentment is too great to let go of, more counseling may be necessary.

Make Honesty a Priority

The person overcoming addiction is likely to have good days and bad days. For instance, it’s not uncommon to be tempted by drugs and alcohol, even when committed to sobriety. It’s important to be open and honest about these struggles, as doing so allows your spouse to support you during tough times. In the same token, spouses of people with substance abuse issues must exhibit compassion and understanding when their partners’ struggle. This is the only way to truly heal and move forward as a cohesive unit.

When seeking support for drug addiction in Albuquerque, our kind and compassionate team at Duke City Recovery Toolbox is happy to provide assistance. Along with addiction recovery, this treatment also provides counseling to allow patients and their families to rebuild their lives. Call (505) 224-9777 to speak with a team member today or contact us for more information on what we offer.