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Are You Replacing One Addiction for Another?

Lots of people mistakenly believe that those with substance abuse problems only have an attraction to their drug of choice. However, many people with addiction issues are actually missing something in their lives and attempting to fill that void with drugs, alcohol, or a combination of both. Warding off addiction replacement is an important part of the recovery process, and this guide explains what you can do.

What Causes Addiction Replacement?

Drug treatment is really just the first step in the recovery process. If you experience mental health issues related to depression or anxiety, those problems will remain even after you’ve undergone addiction treatment. You may also feel like you lack a purpose in life or that something is missing. These factors can mean that ill-feelings remain even after you’re sober.

Replacement addictions can soothe feelings of stress or worry, and they can also offer some purpose to your life if you feel that it’s missing. That’s why they’re so tempting to people in recovery, who are often trying to find their way after getting clean.

What Are Some Common Replacement Addictions?

Some people will substitute once substance for another. For example, a person with a pain pill addiction might start smoking regularly during their recovery. Some people also begin eating more frequently as a way to cope. Work is another common replacement addiction, as throwing yourself into work can take your mind off other problems. Sex, video games, shopping, and virtually anything else you derive joy from can stand in for your original addiction.

How Can You Identify Any Issues?

When determining whether a new activity or interest is actually a replacement addiction, think about the impact it has on your life. If it’s affecting your family life, getting in the way of work, or causing others around you to worry, it’s probably not a healthy way to spend your time. Also, consider how much time you spend thinking about or partaking in the activity. If it takes up an inordinate amount of your life, you may need to step back.

When you need help identifying problematic behaviors on your road to recovery, Duke City Recovery Toolbox is here to lend a hand. We personalize our addiction recovery services to suit your exact needs, whether you struggle with alcohol or substance abuse. Our compassionate counselors can help you identify negative patterns in your life and provide the tools you need to eliminate them. Learn more about addiction recovery in Albuquerque by calling (505) 224-9777 today. You can also contact us for more information.