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Addiction Recovery Services

13984664 say no to drugs choice life message on green chalkboard11 150x112 Addiction Recovery ServicesAddiction Recovery Services and Non-Medication Treatment

Non-Medication treatment will always be considered first as we believe that there are many ways to overcome addiction. At Duke City Recovery Toolbox you will be given a comprehensive assessment and at that time will you be advised of your treatment options. This may only include 1:1 counseling and or group therapy.

Medication Assisted Treatment -OPIOIDS

Methadone Treatment Methadone is a synthetic opioid, used medically as an analgesic and a maintenance anti-addictive for use in patients with opioid dependency.

Suboxone Therapy Suboxone is designed for anyone addicted to opiates. Opiate addiction affects people from all walks of life, from the executive addicted to Vicodin or oxycontin to the young heroin addict. Suboxone offers hope to all who suffer from addiction to opiates.