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How to Support a Loved One in Recovery

Addiction recovery services are an essential aspect of breaking the cycle of drug and alcohol abuse. However, a successful recovery also requires moral support from the friends and family members of the person going through the process. Addiction recovery is challenging for everyone, so here are a few things you can do to properly support your loved one.

Establish Strong Boundaries

While you naturally want to do everything you can for a loved one struggling with drug addiction, you must avoid enabling the person. Establishing boundaries ensures you provide the right level of support without adding to the person’s addiction issues. For instance, you may establish a boundary that prohibits the person from drinking or using drugs in your home. You might also refrain from giving the person money or material support while they’re active in their addiction.

Read Up on Substance Abuse

You will probably feel angry and frustrated with your loved one when their addiction causes them to behave in unpleasant ways. However, you must remember that addiction is a disease, and that long-term drug and alcohol abuse can actually change how the brain functions. While you must also stick to your pre-established boundaries, refrain from feeling bitterness or resentment against your loved one when they act out.

Take Care of Yourself

You can’t support another person if you’re not taking care of yourself. In addition to leading a healthy lifestyle (consisting of a good diet, regular exercise, and a consistent sleep cycle), you should also pursue activities and hobbies that give you joy. When you’re taken care of, you can better support your loved one in a healthy manner.

Here at Duke City Recovery Toolbox, we believe in helping families as well as those in need of substance abuse treatment. In addition to family therapy, we also help people gain a greater understanding of addiction and abuse to ensure they can help their loved ones. Speak with a representative in Albuquerque today by calling (505) 224-9777 or contact us for more information.