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How to Build Trust During Recovery

Addiction has a devastating effect on personal relationships, particularly when it comes to trust. Seeking out one’s drug of choice leads to many harmful behaviors, and these behaviors often harm the people closest to you the most.

It is possible to build trust during the recovery process, provided you’re willing to take the right steps. Here are a few things you can do to mend relationships with your friends and family.

Identify Which Relationships Must Be Repaired

Addiction affects so many people. Along with harm inflicted upon yourself, it’s likely that numerous friends and loved ones have also been affected by your substance abuse. While it can seem daunting, take time to think about all the relationships you would like to mend by re-building trust. This typically includes spouses, parents, and children, as well as close friends.

Be Honest with Yourself and Others

Self-reflection is challenging for most people, but its particularly hard for people in recovery. It can be difficult to look back at the hurt you’ve caused people, even if that hurt came from a place of addiction. You must accept any mistakes you’ve made and atone for them to the best of your ability, which usually entails giving the person a sincere apology.

You must also accept that some of your past relationships are not healthy for your sobriety and should be left in the past. This includes people who trigger stress or anger in you, as well as those who use drugs or alcohol. While it can be difficult to leave these relationships behind, it’s the only way to stay sturdy in your recovery.

Give the Trust-Building Process Time

When it comes to close family members and spouses, the process for rebuilding trust can take time. Your loved ones will be heartened by the progress you’re making, but they will also be wary of future relapses and setbacks. While they must support you in your sober living, they will also need to be reassured that a genuine change has been made and that you’re committed to recovery. In this case, a little kindness and understanding can go a long way.

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