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How We Cater to All Faiths, Beliefs and Spiritual Traditions

offers whole-person care to get you started and continue on your recovery journey, and that includes spiritual care. The opportunities we provide to develop, practice, explore and grow your faith are not exclusive to one religion or denomination. Individuals of all faiths and spiritual traditions are welcome.

Biblically-Based—It’s a Starting Point

Duke City Recovery Toolbox does offer Bible study groups. However, studying the Bible is not intended to exclude participants of other faiths or traditions. It’s simply a place to get the conversation started and get people to think more deeply about their beliefs and values.

Everyone—and their points of view about god/God, the creation of the Universe, humans’ role in it, where we go after we die, etc.—are welcome as long as any thought or belief can be expressed respectfully.

Because our intention is not to convert anyone to a particular faith or denomination, we welcome perspectives that may challenge or question the beliefs founded on the Bible; that gives Christian participants an opportunity to reflect on their faith and what they have been taught about it growing up and non-Christians an opportunity to give voice to their beliefs.

Common Ground

Another reason Duke City Recovery Toolbox starts spiritual study groups with Bible passages is because many Biblical teachings (particularly Old Testament stories and teachings) underpin three of the biggest religions worldwide—Christianity, Judaism, Islam. And the majority of our participants identify with one of these three faiths.

Prayer Is Personal

While study groups start with a Bible passage and expand to discussion, prayer is always personal. When we pray together, the spoken prayer may be addressed to the prayer leader’s Higher Power. However, all participants can address their prayers to the Higher Power with whom they have developed a relationship.

Similarly, prayer requests submitted in writing or online may be received and addressed to any Higher Power. There is no pressure to format prayers or requests to accommodate a particular spiritual tradition or claim that there is a “right” god/God to petition for help with our worldly problems.

You’re Welcome

At Duke City Recovery Toolbox, what your faith background or spiritual tradition is not what matters. What matters is that you call upon it and use it as a resource in your recovery efforts. We provide the space and time to practice. Please join us.

Contact us to learn more about open Bible study groups and when you may start.